Youths and youngsters

Recreation work: highly appreciated

Most young people very much like to meet at Holiday Park Walsdorf. Friendships spring up for a week or a fortnight, but also for life. The assembling force is the recreation programme for people of all ages. Sports and games, nature and culture are amply available. Youngsters find  being together at Walsdorf very very pleasant. Somewhat later in the evenings the terraces are filled with teenagers and youngsters who think that a holiday at Walsdorf can never last too long.


Children’s land

Apart from the general recreative programmes, we also have the well-known Children’s land mornigs for the children during which a Bible story is told, a game is played or a “cut and stick” assignment is done, which the children can proudly take home to their holiday making parents.


Bur de Beer

Bur is a big, good-natured bear you cannot miss. Bur de Beer collects children to join the children’s programmes. You will find his brothers, which, to simplify matters, are also called Bur, at all Beter Uit parks. Bur is smart and knows exactly where to be in order to do funny activities with other children, like singing songs, colour pictures or join a thrilling quest. Bur de Beer is Beter Uit’s hail-fellow-well-met- mascot.


Activities during other holiday periods

We also organise activities during the May holidays, which stimulate the feeling of belonging together and meeting one another.